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Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization, and their work is critical to the success of our mission. Volunteers work in an office setting or from home, doing everything from envelope stuffing to processing grant requests to answering email and voicemail requests for information. Other volunteer activities include listing donated items onto our eBay certified charity account, and canvassing neighborhoods with doorknob hangers.

If they would like to do it, volunteers are often in a position to make contact with the philanthropic efforts of their favorite celebrities (because the volunteer gets to choose who they would like to contact) including actors, musicians, athletes, authors, etc. Along with their donation to the company, these celebrities sometimes include personal gifts such as concert tickets and backstage passes, or an invite to a function they will be attending in our area, and it is our policy that such items go directly to the volunteer who initiated the contact. It's a nice perk, and one that we are proud to pass along to the worker.

We have found that our volunteers often have personal skill sets that they have cultivated on their own and are very proud of, and we encourage them to mention these if they think some of these skills may be of use. We give our workers a wide latitude with these extra skills and their implementation, so by all means, if you are considering volunteering with us, please mention them.

These are the application documents required for volunteer service:


Volunteer Application:  Ink Release Volunteer Application

Patient Record Confidentiality Agreement:  Ink Release Confidentiality Agreement

Volunteer Expectations:  Ink Release Volunteer Expectations

Print and fill out these forms, scan, and return as email attachments to jim@inkrelease.org. Your application will be processed within two business days, and you will be contacted to discuss availability and work assignment.


special note

If you need a reference letter,
we can help.

Many of our volunteers are working to fulfill a class requirement for school, or as part of a back-to-work transition program, and as such, they could use a letter of reference as a tool to aid potential employers in evaluating their current experience and abilities. If you would like to request a reference letter, please submit the request via the contact form at the link below.

Request Letter