Help Us Relocate!

We're Moving!

You can help us find a bigger and better location in the Bremerton / Central Kitsap area.

Locations come and go, it's a fact. We've outgrown our previous office space and are currently scouting locations for our new base of operations. Here's the good part... You can help! Do you know of a currently vacant commercial space that is just sitting empty, wishing it had a tenant? Did you know that the IRS provides a special, and very significant business tax deduction for companies that allow 501(c)(3) designated nonprofits (like Ink Release) to occupy a vacant office space? This is considered an "in-kind" donation, and the IRS allows businesses to deduct the fair market value of the lease, up to a full 50% of the company's total AGI. That's a huge amount of money for a space that's just sitting there empty anyway! So why not put a vacant property to work generating a large tax deduction, and do some good along the way. See below for details.


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