Portfolio Category: Removal Process

Video – Astanza Trinity System

This video introduces the Astanza Trinity Laser Tattoo Removal System. The Trinity System combines the Duality Laser, which handles black and dark blue on one frequency and most colors on a second frequency, and the Eternity Laser, which handles the most resistant colors, which are light greens and teal blues. Together, they can remove even…
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Video – Laser Removal In Action

This video demonstrates the Astanza Duality Laser, the main workhorse laser of the Astanza Trinity System. This laser uses two frequency settings: one to handle dark black or blue inks, and the other to handle most other colors. This will cover the majority of most tattoo removal needs. The other component of the complete Trinity…
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Self-Funding Campaign Example

One of our volunteers, Heather, chose to boost herself to the top of the tattoo removal waiting list by creating a GoFundMe campaign that is connected directly to her Ink Release registration. Once her goal was reached, she was automatically moved from the waiting list into active treatment scheduling. These campaigns are easy to set…
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