Partner – US Military Recruiting Services & VFW

One of the most active areas of need for our services in Kitsap County lies with the recruiting offices of our armed forces, and particular to Kitsap, the US Navy. Although regulations have recently been relaxed with regard to tattoos, there are still some non-negotiable requirements on visible tattoos that can be deal-breakers for an otherwise ideal potential recruit.

Our local recruiting offices have provided us with a wealth of information on current regulations, as well as many candidate referrals. They have also been instrumental in keeping us up-to-date on several grey-area policies, such as "grandfathering" of existing tattoos, and department-wide deferral of judgement of content to the discretion of local commanders.

The VFW has provided us with proper methods of verification of client claims of veteran status, and who should qualify for our free services designated exclusively for our Veterans category. This guidance has been extremely helpful in that the current Ink Release staff, unfortunately, has no US military veterans aboard, and prior to the VFW's assistance, we had no real knowledge on how to properly interview a potential veteran client or what documents to ask for. We've now been properly trained, and have received an open invitation from our local VFW Hall to send over any potential veteran-status-claiming client that we are unsure of so that they can be "vetted" by the real vets, because honestly, no one is going to fool those guys!