About Us

Company History
and Timeline

Hear the story of how our organization was founded, and learn how several seemingly unrelated events revealed our mission.


The secret
of success

It's not really a secret that a clear set of core values will define a company's character and working spirit.


Our Tattoo

While we are, in fact, in the business of destroying tattoos, we still have a great respect and admiration for the art form.



Our Mission Statement defines our core purpose and focus, and serves as a reminder of where that focus should be.


About Us Overview

about-1Ink Release is an assembly of talented, service-minded individuals who have come together to form an effective team.

Each member brings with them their skills, experience, and their own unique perspective on how their contributions can strengthen the group, and thereby raise the level of service for the organization. By tailoring each worker's assignment to emphasize the kind of work they love, energy stays high, and passion for the work flourishes. Together, they form the engine that drives our mission to create independent work-ready adults.

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